Dave from Vision reports on the recent changes to their UK warranty offering:

At Vision, one of TD Maverick’s core suppliers of audio, mounting, and meeting collaborating products, we’re really proud of the quality and reliability of the products we offer. After all, that allows our customers to create interesting and dynamic installations that showcase the best of their business.

Behind every great installation, though, is the peace of mind for our customers that if something does go wrong, they have the right support in place to fix it – and quickly.

Our warranty offering has always been industry leading, with three years onsite warranty as standard for our audio, mounting, and meeting collaborating products. While most of our customers never even have to touch the warranty, we decided that we could help support them even more to increase that peace of mind.

Our General Manager at Vision, Stuart Lockhart, explained to me why he felt it was so important to update our offering:

“With our industry in a state of change and growth, time is more important than ever. We wanted to ensure that our products are always functioning at their best, so we have completely overhauled our warranty process to both minimise any downtime from issues, and the time resellers and end users take to find the best fix.”

You see, while our customers rarely have to use our warranty service, we understand the time pressures they are faced with during the day, and think it’s important to address that. Hence our decision to restructure our warranty approach, which will help to save resellers and end users even more time. We’ve created an online warranty system which guides users through the warranty process, through a new website form which tailors itself to the specific issues our customers are trying to resolve.

It also helps to set clearer timelines than ever around timeframes for repair and site visit conditions, to help streamline the process and create a ‘first time fix’. As a business, we’re committed to going above and beyond what the industry expects, and what our competitors are offering, because we put the users – and their needs – at the heart of our business changes.

We know that in the AV industry right now, time and resource is precious. So we’re hoping to offer some reassurance that with us, you are maximising on both of those – with products that stand the test of time, and support in place that lets our customers know that they are being taken care of.

Our new warranty structure applies to all Vision products apart from Media Players, and is offered in the UK only. For more information on what we can offer, please visit www.visionaudiovisual.com, or speak to your TD Maverick account manager.

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