Mo Khalifa, our Business Development Manager, has spent the past year working with integrators to deliver the Mircosoft Surface Hub to companies throughout the UK, believing it’s the workplace solution millennials are looking for.

“With time of the essence, millennials are changing the way we hold meetings and conferences. They don’t have time to configure several devices in the conference room, which means all-in-one systems like the Microsoft Surface Hub are the simple, fast and easy choice, as any member of staff can walk in and understand how to operate the device. Syncing up with Teams means all meeting files can be downloaded and shared throughout drives immediately, saving valuable man hours. This powerful function also includes video conferencing, instant messaging and sharing of calendars, all together in one environment.

“Millennials aren’t afraid to meet anywhere, anytime and don’t shy away from choosing video over audio conferencing like their predecessors. Our extensive research and development into video conferencing means your content can really show off in any setting, whether that’s a café or a corridor, opening up conventional meeting spaces to the wider office environment. Our rolling stands are proving more and more popular among our customers and perfectly suit their changing needs.

“It’s exciting to see the Microsoft Surface Hub enabling our customers to work together organically, ensuring natural flow and collaboration.”

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