The most effective meetings are ones in which everyone has the same opportunity to share and engage. That’s why it’s important to find a display solution appropriate for the room size and layout.

Technology should always enhance a meeting, rather than limit the possibilities. The team at Epson have this in mind when designing projectors, which is why they offer scalable screen size, to meet the varying requirements of different spaces with different demands on visibility.

Regardless of where meeting participants are situated within a given space, content needs to be clear and vivid whether it’s large images or individual cells in a spreadsheet. Thanks to the functionality of Epson projectors and scalability of screen size, this is made possible; bringing your meeting into focus.

We spoke with Nicole Hardiman, Product Manager, Business & Education Projectors, from Epson about why display size matters and how different room sizes call for different specifications:

“Choosing a display solution for your business is tricky and it’s important to get it right first time. We want to help our customers do this easily and effectively, narrowing down their options so that they can find the products they need.”

To help achieve this, Epson has developed a tool which catalogues all display options and matches them to a variety of room size and audience requirements. All you have to do is input some simple room specifications and the tool will respond with an optimised display solution.”

Here are just a few examples of different meeting settings matched to a suitable product:


Viewing distance: 3 to 11 metres

Typical screen size: 100″ to 500″

Meeting: One-to-many presentations and information sharing

Content: Presentations, spreadsheets and websites

The ideal Epson Projector would be the EB-L400U


Viewing distance: 2 to 3 metres

Typical screen size: 65″ to 200″

Meeting: Collaborative environment, demanding desktop equivalence and remote access possibilities

Content: Interactive whiteboard documents and spreadsheets

The ideal Epson Projector would be the EB-1470Ui


Viewing distance: 1 to 2 metres

Typical screen size: 30″ to 65″

Meeting: One-to-one or one-to-many on-the-go presenting

Content: Presentations, videos and training modules

The ideal Epson Projector would be the EB-1795F


Find the ideal screen size for your meeting room by using Epson’s interactive viewing tool at

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