“The sit stand desk is a fairly new phenomenon in the UK but one picking up pace. In the Nordic region access to this technology is compulsory at work, as part of a workplace health initiative – proving that this will be the office standard in years to come.

“Vision started developing the technology with research and development a couple of years ago and brought the product to market at ISE this year. It sits simply on top of your office desk, with a seperate platform for the keyboard and mouse, and at the perfect height to make you sit straighter in your chair, or to use it standing up.

“Gone are the days of a pile of magazines holding your second screen in position – welcome a slick desk setup designed to ergonomically improve productivity through a better posture.

“The big question though – will this make us all fitter? There is little difference between the calories burned sitting and standing, but for those who move around and use their desk differently throughout the day, the benefits can be seen through steps walked, but more so through less hunching and looking down at your screen!

“With adjustable height, a solid build quality and the perfect size for even the most ostentatious split screen set up, Vision has created a well thought out and practical solution that can go into SMEs or Enterprise businesses equally.

“The Vision product is tried and tested by hundreds of businesses already and we’re giving away demo units in May to integrators to try them out in their offices or those of their end users.”

Get in touch with David Scott if you have an opportunity on David.Scott@tdmaverick.com.

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