Our very own Mark Tildesley talks competitive higher education and the drive for UK universities to offer collaboration technologies.

“Today’s students are used to being surrounded by technology; from smart phones to tablets, everything is visual and interactive. With the competitive pressure on the higher education industry at present, universities are trying to stay ahead of the curve, attracting new students with state of the art collaborative technology in the classroom.

“The Microsoft Surface Hub has become increasingly popular among institutions, with flagship roll outs in over 100 academic organisations including the University of Bristol, Warwick Business School and the Royal Academy of Music, due to its ability to create a highly productive space and blend visual display, video conferencing and interactive remote learning together.

“Collaboration technology makes the classroom more versatile, offering students the opportunity to virtually visit anywhere in the world or the depths of the ocean, learn about Spanish archaeology, and hear from educators and guest speakers from anywhere in the world through Skype conferencing.

“With everything within their reach, teachers and students are more supported than ever, making these classrooms increasingly more innovative, engaging and attractive than any other.”

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