Mark Tildesley, collaboration director for Maverick AV Solutions UK, talks us through AV-as-a-Service and what it means for end users, vendors and integrators across the UK.

“We recently launched Tech Data Optimise throughout the UK, a new subscribing model for meeting room environments, offering solutions around everything from platforms to entire ecosystems, which gives end users the opportunity to move their investments from capital expenditure to operating costs. It’s much more cost effective, accessible and meets the needs of each and every one of our customers!

“With budget restrictions lifted for many enterprises, roll out becomes a lot quicker, meaning a positive impact for vendors, integrators and end users alike. It also means an extended relationship between all parties beyond the initial instalment, maintaining contracts and giving our end users a much higher quality of service in the long run.

“Although corporate organisations adopted AvaaS early on, we’re looking at the future of small and medium sized enterprises as well. With everything in one package, from solution to hardware, it frees up cash flow, avoiding large upfront costs, making investing in quality technology a possibility.

“As this form of subscription is far more accessible than usual, it’s a real game changer for the industry! The implementation of this solution will create much quicker sale cycles combined with positive impacts on cash flow, making it one of our strongest services for resellers yet.”

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