Every day, we see the many ways in which technology can change young people’s lives for the better. From BYOD  device programmes, to interactive solutions in the classroom setting, we know that integrated AV systems lead to better engagement and learning opportunities to students of all ability levels.

Which is exactly why Ellesmere College selected TD Maverick and Promethean to replace their current interactive solution to bring out the best in their unique student population.

Ellesmere College is a special school, located on the outskirts of Leicester City, catering to the needs of 220 students between the ages of 7 – 19. Many of Ellesmere’s students have sensory, speech, language, or other communications needs, so the college required an AV solution which was dynamic and engaging, to inspire creativity across learning abilities.

Previously, the school had made good use of the interactive Promethean ActivBoards to connect with students, but a relocation to a new building in August 2015 created the perfect opportunity to go one step further for their pupils.

Working with integrator CDEC, we provided 38 Promethean ActivPanels to upgrade Ellesmere College’s legacy whiteboards to 65” ActivPanels with ActivSoundBars. This allows the school to better serve its students with more considerate display settings tailored around the individual needs of each class, improved sound quality, and a simplified interface for ease of teaching . The longevity of the Promethean products and the extensive warranty were key drivers in Ellemere College’s upgrade selection.

Sarah Treanor, ICT Consultant at the college notes that:

“Working with children with a variety of needs, many of them sensory, meant that the clarity of the screen and improved sound quality from the ActivSoundBars has been a great asset. These features really equalise education for students, build confidence and support individuals in achieving academic success.”

The ActivePanels were all Full HD enabled, coming with a 4mm acid etched, anti-glare and anti- reflective toughened glass surface, ready for anything that the classroom setting might throw at them. They also support Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook OS, and have a range of inputs such as HDMI, USB 3.0 and OPS, allowing broad usage by teachers and support staff. The school can use a full range of learning experiences catered to within the ActivPanel system including whole-class exercises, individual, duo, small team, and multi-team classwork, solving problems and manipulating images.

“The ActivPanels are being used all day, every day. The college aims to develop confident leaders who take ownership of their learning and are proud of their achievement. The fact that ActivPanels champion this approach means that it’s helping us to achieve one of our primary goals.”

We love seeing that the new installation helps to facilitate real collaborative learning opportunities at Ellesmere College, and promotes interactive teaching for all classroom sizes and abilities, really bringing learning to life for students!

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