With smart collaboration key to our successes, Business Manager Grant Keenan talks about the recent LG and Cisco Networks unified video conferencing solution.

“The Cisco Spark™ Room Kit Plus and LG flat-panel display collaboration is successfully providing more intelligence and usability for medium to large-sized meeting rooms.

“The Cisco Spark™ Room Kit Plus delivers an unmatched video and audio experience that gives users reliability and instant access at the touch of a button, enabling even smarter meetings, smarter presentation capabilities, and smarter room and device integrations in a way where users can present and view digital content, capture dialogue and annotate and adjust notes in one seamless, reliable and same time system. The list of attractive features goes on!

“LG’s contribution to the collaboration comes in the form of x6 UHD displays (ranging from 49” to 98”) configured to optimise the features of the Cisco solution. The Ultra HD displays deliver immersive viewing experience four times the definition of a full HD display for outstanding picture quality.

“On top of that, all LGs panels use on average 31% less power compared to conventional RGB panels which means lower power consumption, lower running costs and superior eco credentials.

“The collaboration results in a solution that before was only available at a far more costly price and technically demanding. This latest move is a clear indication of LG’s and Cisco’s appetite to deliver market leading solutions that offer real value.”

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