It’s all about collaboration in AV technology at the moment, and the latest videoconferencing kit from Logitech that we are distributing is no exception. The Logitech Group Kit aims to bring the power of collaborative video conferencing to more businesses than ever.

Logitech’s Group kit is specially configured and validated by Logitech and Intel to deliver optimal performance, simplicity and compatibility. It includes a Logitech ConferenceCam Group with HD 1080p video and professional audio, Intel NUC and Intel Unite application to create an intuitive collaboration suite. The solution is compatible with virtually all PC-based cloud services and existing on-premise videoconferencing systems, requiring only a space equipped with a display and internet connection to create a collaboration environment.

We are distributing the videoconferencing system across Europe as part of our growing collaboration portfolio, and transforms any space into an enterprise-quality collaborative videoconferencing facility.

Read more about the new Group kit here:


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