Collaboration seems to be the biggest buzzword of the year in our industry, so we are leading the charge with our manufacturer partners to allow businesses of any size to take advantage of its benefits.

Our newest addition to the collaborative family comes from our friends at Barco, who are enabling even more AV end users to ‘plug into simplicity – tap into amazing’ with two new products.

When the Barco ClickShare solution was first introduced, it quickly received renown for allowing users to create collaborative experiences through sharing files from their laptops or mobile devices onto on-screen presentations. Applications such as this project where we worked with AVMI to help create a connected courtroom for the MOJ highlight ClickShare’s versatility.

The two new ClickShare products will bring this transformed meeting experience to even more businesses.


Designed with small meeting and huddle rooms in mind, this product enables simple presentation sharing, and is perfect for small business. It is a stand-alone model with HDMI output, allowing up to 8 users to connect, with one user sharing at a time. The CS-100 includes the standard ClickShare security features including encryption, login management, https and the possibility to hide the SSID of the Base Unit’s wireless network.

The CS-100 will be the ideal entry-level solution for an SME keen to take advantage of sharing as a basic need.


For enterprise rollouts which require enhanced security features, the CSE-200 product will be the perfect go-to. It delivers a multi-layer security solution, which is completely customisable to a particular company’s policy and needs. It offers three predefined network security options for both simplicity, and data protection.

It also offers a range of optimised connectivity options including AirPlay support, or central management. The device’s API makes network integration simpler, and works efficiently to allow remote management. This system allows two users to share the screen at once, by the ClickShare Button, the ClickShare App or both.

In the modern workplace, sharing in meetings is a basic need. Collaborative solutions are more necessary than ever for running productive and engaging meetings. Hence why the new additions to the ClickShare range are so important to the marketplace; they will enable businesses of all sizes to be able to reap the benefits of sharing and collaboration.

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