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Why Microsoft Surface Hub is the future of the millennial workplace

Mo Khalifa, our Business Development Manager, has spent the past year working with integrators to deliver the Mircosoft Surface Hub to companies throughout the UK, believing it’s the workplace solution millennials are looking for.

“With time of the essence, millennials are changing the way we hold meetings and conferences.…

LG and Cisco Room Kit collaborate on video conferencing

With smart collaboration key to our successes, Business Manager Grant Keenan talks about the recent LG and Cisco Networks unified video conferencing solution.

“The Cisco Spark™ Room Kit Plus and LG flat-panel display collaboration is successfully providing more intelligence and usability for medium to large-sized meeting rooms.…

Universities using collaborative technology to stay ahead of the curve

Our very own Mark Tildesley talks competitive higher education and the drive for UK universities to offer collaboration technologies.

“Today’s students are used to being surrounded by technology; from smart phones to tablets, everything is visual and interactive. With the competitive pressure on the higher education industry at present, universities are trying to stay ahead of the curve, attracting new students with state of the art collaborative technology in the classroom.…

Salamander Designs brings innovation from Barcelona to the UK

We’re continuing a year of exciting collaborations by partnering with Spanish AV furniture experts Salamander Designs, delivering their long awaited and stylish stands to customers in the UK.

Salamander Designs are not only well known for creating furniture and accessories which are flexible and durable, but are ergonomically designed and attain to the growing trend of comfort and wellbeing within the corporate sector.…